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If shotgun is your forte, we have some fun for you! A couple of skeet fields, a couple of trap fields, or 5 stand might just do it. If you're up to speed on those, you can try your hand on our sporting clays course. The fun doesn't stop there though, join GPGC leagues and lay your skill down with other members for an even greater time.   


pistol, uspsa
Action steel

The Action Pistol Bays are calling your name. If you like running and gunning then Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club has what you need. Six dedicated pistol bays allow you to hone your abilities while practicing proper technique. Become an Action Pistol member and gain access to two CLOSED bays that have props such as walls, ports, hallways, as well as reactive steel targets to accelerate your learning curve with your handgun. Disciplines such as USPSA, Action Steel League, and IDPA will be offered for those that like testing their abilities while promoting safe gun handling skills.


riffle, tactical
high power

Just breathe and send it. If reaching out and touching it is what you like to do, come try out our 400 yard Rifle Range. If your sighting in for hunting season, or trying to shoot sub MOA at 400 yards we have what you need. Benches, concrete pads, and covered areas will allow you to get that perfect setup so you can concentrate on the X or crafting load development. Once you're printing good groups at given distances, try your hand at one of our Tactical or High Power matches to test your control.

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